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Answers to Some of Our Most commonly Asked Questions About BIOCLEAR® Treatment

What is The Bioclear Method?

The Bioclear Method was developed in 2008 by Dr. David Clark, it is a modern technique for fixing black triangle gaps between teeth, diastemas or peg laterals, restoring worn-down teeth and broken tooth repair. The revolutionary procedure produces a 3-dimensional, monolithic, injection over molded tooth. Special anatomic forms are used with the injection technique to produce beautiful restorations that are three times as strong as traditional dental bonding, smoother than porcelain crowns or veneers, stain resistant and long lasting. 


Procedure steps:  There is a significant amount of prep work to get the teeth ready for the restorations.

  • First, the tooth must be meticulously cleaned. This is done by gently pushing the gums back and isolating the area to be worked on. A disclosing agent is used to highlight previously invisible traces of sticky biofilm. Then a tiny instrument is used to scour any trace of biofilm. The cleaning powder is just hard enough to remove the microscopic sticky layer that accumulates on the surface of the teeth without damaging the tooth surface.

  • Once the tooth preparation is done, a thin mylar form is selected from over 20 different shapes that are further customized to adapt perfectly to the tooth, providing a mold for a new tooth surface. These forms slip under the gum line and a composite resin warmed to exactly 155 degrees is injected, filling the forms. The resin is then hardened using ultraviolet polymerization. It is then shaped and finished to a high polish, creating a natural-looking tooth. The resulting surface is shiny, smooth, and very durable.

How can I schedule a Consultation?


Thank you for reaching out! We are excited that we may be able to help you achieve the smile you want. Because Bioclear is a way to restore teeth that may work for some but not others, we quote the price of Bioclear on a case by case basis. All our consultation appointments are FREE. For in-person consultation, please call us (585) 624 1640. We understand that you may not be able to come into the office however for a consultation, so we would like to offer you a virtual consultation so our dentist may see your teeth and discuss options. If you would also like to send us pictures of your teeth before the virtual consultation as well, this would also be helpful in preparing to discuss Bioclear options. Our office email is


What Kinds of Cosmetic Dental Issues can Bioclear Be Used to Treat?

The Bioclear Method is a minimally invasive alternative to the porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers cosmetic dentist have traditionally used to treat aesthetic issues including: Black Triangle Teeth, Vertical Diastema Gaps or other Spacing Issues, Crooked Teeth, Food Traps, Uneven Edges, Peg Laterals (i.e. Small Front Teeth), Teeth Worn Down by Decay or Erosion, Broken or Chipped Teeth and Dark or Discolored Teeth. 

Is This Method Different From Bonding?

Traditional composite resin bonding can leave ledges and gaps at the margins which harbor bacteria that leads to staining, chipping, and cavities. The Bioclear Method eliminates these ledges and gaps. As a result, teeth are fuller, stronger and more attractive. Best of all, there’s little to no damage to the tooth and no staining or leakage.

Why would I go for a Bioclear treatment instead of a crown?


The primary reason to opt for a Bioclear is that the treatment is so much more conservative, allowing the preservation of more natural tooth structure.

A crown is more at risk for recurrent decay. Decay starts at the edge of the crown and can progress underneath it if not addressed right away, which undermines the anchorage for the crown. Most crowns block x-rays from allowing us to see what’s happening underneath it. If the decay has progressed, there may not enough tooth structure to do another crown. At a minimum, the crown would need to be replaced.

The other common way a crown “fails” is a snap-off fracture, meaning the crown and underlying tooth structure break off at the gumline. When insufficient tooth structure remains, there is no choice but to pull the tooth. With a Bioclear overlay, if something happens to the restoration, it can frequently be simply repaired. If that is not an option, the restoration could be replaced either with another Bioclear overlay or, if insufficient tooth structure remains, a conventional all-ceramic crown could be used.

This conservative treatment allows us many more options as the tooth ages.

It’s like “banking” tooth structure for the future!

How Does It Differ From Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers cosmetically change the front of the teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing. These veneers can provide beautiful results, particularly on those who have teeth that are worn, chipped and full of broken fillings. They do, however, have some drawbacks.

In many cases the Bioclear Method has advantages over veneers:

Conservative. Most of the time, tooth structure needs to be removed to place the porcelain veneers. With the Bioclear Method, there is minimal to no reduction of the tooth. You’re actually making the tooth stronger.

Repairable. Porcelain veneers are durable, but they can chip, especially in people who grind their teeth. When the veneers chip, they often cannot be repaired and must be replaced, which can be expensive. Because the Bioclear Method uses dental composite, not porcelain, if the teeth chip, they can be added to and repaired easily and inexpensively.

Affordable. While prices vary, the Bioclear Method is typically about half the cost of a porcelain veneer, which makes it much more accessible to many patients.

How Stain Resistant are Bioclear Veneers?

Bioclear restorations do not stain like a composite filling or porcelain crowns. They will stain like natural tooth enamel but can easily be maintained with routine dental cleanings. Drinking tannic acid beverages (ie. coffee, tea, dark red juices) can also cause temporary staining. 

How Long will Bioclear Veneers Last?

Bioclear veneers wear at the same rate as your natural tooth enamel. We guarantee the our Bioclear restorations for 10 years from chipping and staining. Dr. Gupta recommends that patients with any type of dental restoration, wear a night guard to protect their teeth and schedule routine office visits and cleanings.

Can Bioclear Veneers be Repaired with Traditional Restorative Material

Bioclear dental restorations are placed using the specially designed matrix system and injection molding techniques created by Dr. Clark. If a restoration should break it would have to be redone using the same process and composite materials. Unlike a dental restoration made of porcelain or lab fabricated a Bioclear restoration can easily be redone by a Dr. Gupta.

Who Can Repair or Replace Bioclear Veneers?

Essentially any dentist who has been trained in the Bioclear method and qualified to do so.

How much does Bioclear Cost?

Bioclear Veneers can cost 25-50% less than Porcelain Veneers and Dental Crowns and as much as 25% more than traditional dental bonding.

Will My Insurance cover Bioclear?

Bioclear is considered a cosmetic alternative to traditional reductive porcelain dentistry and currently, the insurance industry does not cover Bioclear or other purely cosmetic dental restorations. For posterior teeth, the cost of Bioclear is often similar to the out-of-pocket cost for a crown, but it conserves more tooth structure and your remaining dental benefits for other dental care if necessary.

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