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Many people are dissatisfied with their smile but have difficulty pinpointing the problem areas. Looking directly into the mirror, smile normally and ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you happy with your appearance of your smile/teeth/gum?

  • Are your gums red and swollen?

  • Do you show too much gum when you smile?

  • What you don't like about your smile?

  • Do you have crooked teeth?

  • Do you have any noticeable spaces between your teeth?

  • Are you missing any of your teeth?

  • Are your teeth discolored?

  • Do your front teeth have discolored fillings?

  • Does your smile seem narrow? Does it include only the front six teeth?

  • Do the teeth look short or worn flat?

  • Are silver-mercury fillings causing your back teeth to look gray or black?


Improve my smile

  • Would you like to discuss how to make your teeth white?

  • Does your smile match the rest of your image?

  • Are you self-conscious about your smile?

  • What do other people notice about your smile?

  • Do you find yourself not smiling in photos or covering your smile with your hand or lip?

  • After going through the questions above, what would you change about your smile if you could?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these or have questions,

email us a picture of your teeth and please call us at 

Mendon Office :

(585) 662 9852,

Gates/Chili Office :   

  (585) 436 1640

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