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Oral Microbiome Testing
 Inspire, heal, and treat Oral health through salivary diagnostics.












Did you know 80% of adults over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease? Of the hundreds of species of bacteria that live in your mouth, there are 5 you don’t want. These 5 high risk pathogens not only wreak havoc in the mouth, but there is now a clear connection to your body too.

Two decades and dozens of scientific studies link these bacteria to a growing list of systemic diseases in what is called the oral systemic, or mouth body connection. These oral pathogens can contribute to up to 50% of heart attacks, high risk pregnancy, dementia and Alzheimers development, and diabetes. These bacteria can be present long before the visible signs of infection or disease.

What is Salivary Diagnostics

Salivary diagnostics is a clinical laboratory testing method that utilizes saliva (or other samples of oral fluid) as a diagnostic medium. Science has made significant progress in discovering human saliva components and analyzing their potential diagnostic value. Sampling of oral fluids, instead of blood or urine, provides an easily available medium for detecting a range of characteristics, including biomarkers such as proteins, electrolytes, hormones, antibodies, and DNA / RNA, as well as, other substances like therapeutic or recreational drugs; advances in many of these tests have improved the ability to identify some of these characteristics at the molecular level. Some salivary tests are once in a lifetime; but other saliva tests require serial testing to help monitor the changes in a patient’s health status, as well as, changes in disease progress.

How it Works

A simple 30 second swish & gargle is all it takes!


The sample is easy, fast, and non-invasive to collect by simply swishing with a sterile saline (salt) solution and spitting it into a
container; the sample is then packed and sent out for laboratory testing.


  • non-invasive collection of readily available diagnostic medium

  • can help predict the progression of a disease in a patient

  • can help predict patient response

  • can provide powerful insight into the genetic component of disease and metabolism

  • allows for an individualized approach to prevention

  • optimization of treatment times

  • can provide information that establishes a prediction of which patients are at risk for disease before clinical signs and symptoms appear

  • personalized therapy for those patients that require aggressive treatment.

Our office is pleased to announce the availability of highly advanced, extremely accurate, clinical laboratory tests utilizing a small sample of saliva as a source for diagnostic information.


Although this Salivary Diagonstic tests are billed to our patients (not covered by insurance), we think many of our patients may benefit.

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