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Functional Nutritional Therapy 

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Functional Nutritional Therapy 

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Nutrition is the foundation of our health which provides the structure and function to allow us to have our best dental health. Nutrition is, in fact, the most impactful foundational change that you can make to support all aspects of your health and healing. All patients, from those with slight discomforts to those with chronic health issues, have seen such incredible results with Nutritional Therapy. It's an ideal way to support both your dental health and your overall wellbeing. 


Our Nutritional Therapy process begins with a thorough assessment of your detailed health history and family history, along with a dietary food intake log and our comprehensive, symptom-oriented NutriQ assessment.

We don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

We provide personalized education and explanation based on your specific case, aiding in your understanding of the role of the gut microbiome, intestinal permeability, food sensitivities, how to regulate blood sugar, key nutrient deficiencies, hydration, mineral deficiencies, and more.

Our goal is to simplify the overwhelming world of nutrition so that you can better understand your own health.

We know that making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be overwhelming.

That’s why our personalized recommendation for dietary, nutrition, and lifestyle changes is designed to be easy to get started, manage, and understand.

We integrate a clinical review of your health history, current symptoms, and dietary intake to provide you with a tailored plan that fits your unique needs.

Our goal is to support your body with prioritized foundational changes that will move you towards healing and vibrant health.

Our process is gradual, making it easy for your body to acclimate to the changes, and our comprehensive support will ensure you stay on track.  We will work with you at the pace that is right for you.

You’ll have all the tools you need to make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle, so you can feel confident and empowered to take control of your health.

Say goodbye to generalized plans and hello to a personalized bio-individual  approach that works for you.

Meet the Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

A Holistic Dentist With Cutting Edge Technology

Your health is our number-one priority. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest dental technology in an ever-advancing industry.We also make an effort to “go green” by reducing and eliminating toxic materials and products in dental work and in our office. We are committed to using the most bio-inert and biocompatible products available.

We look forward to working with you and finding which treatments promote a positive response in your oral and overall health. Please contact our team at (585) 624 5480 (Mendon Location) and (585) 436 1640 (Rochester Location) today if you would like more information or need to see our dentist.

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