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Our Holistic Dental Treatments

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Dr. Gupta is a strong advocate for Holistic dentistry. This is dentistry that favors minimally invasive procedures whenever possible and using materials that are biocompatible with the rest of the body. Recent advancements in dental techniques and materials used have opened up greater possibilities of patients receiving oral treatments that are not toxic to their bodies and that don’t cause undue emotional or mental distress. To obtain the benefits of one of the Rochester, NY holistic dentist, At BG Dental Wellness and Cosmetic Center is your best choice.


At BG Dental Wellness and Cosmetic Center, we recognize that the mouth plays a role in up to 90% of all systemic health problems. We continually educate ourselves on the best and most holistic approaches and developments in oral care, combining the best of modern, clinical dentistry with natural medicine and traditional healing wisdom.Your mouth is a gateway to your body, and your dental health is closely connected to your overall health. Studies have shown significant links between oral health and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. By treating periodontal disease, infection and other dental problems your overall health can be improved. Health issues in the rest of the body can also cause or exacerbate oral health problems, and we make every effort to address those situations through a holistic approach including nutrition, supplements and other natural treatments.

Traditionally, dentistry often does not consider the long-term effects of dental treatments on the body. The chemicals used in producing dental materials and products can be detrimental to overall health, and certain procedures can sometimes produce an adverse effect on the patient’s health. When creating a holistic treatment plan, our dentists and team will choose procedures and materials that are safer and healthier for the patient both immediately and long-term. We constantly research to find the latest and most effective natural methods of treatment.

Holistic and biological dentistry is an approach to dental care that incorporates your entire biological system. We refrain from providing you with harmful and toxic dental materials because we know that your state of oral health greatly affects other areas of your body. Biologic dentistry encourages the use of non-toxic restoration materials for dental work, and focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on your overall health. Our team recognizes the close connection between dental health and the individual's nutrition, immune system, and the nervous system. Our goal is to support the beautiful balance between your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Dr. Bhumija Gupta and our team offer holistic and biological dentistry in our office, prioritize our patients' overall health by utilizing scientific evidence that highlights the connection between oral health and bodily health. we are dedicated to improving your overall health, not just the health of your teeth and gums.

We believe that by treating your mouth with wholesome and non-toxic treatments, we can help your entire body become healthy and strong. We also want to teach you about the impact your oral health can have on your personal wellbeing and happiness. Our team collaborates with each patient to establish a personalized plan that promotes optimal oral health and supports your overall well-being.

We believe that routine hygiene visits are a crucial part of your preventative health strategy, and we are committed to getting to know you as an individual to tailor our approach to your specific needs and goals. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.


At BG Dental Wellness and Cosmetic Center, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care utilizing the most advanced technology, techniques, and treatments. Our office offers ozone dental treatment, a natural, non-invasive therapy for a wide variety of dental issues. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Our office caters to patients whose oral health and conditions cannot be treated in a general dental office. We are committed to providing you with a personalized and positive experience so that you can receive the care you need for a healthy mouth and body. When you visit our dentist, we will take the time to understand your needs so that we can present you with customized treatment plans and the proper technology for lasting results.

“A multidisciplinary approach has to be taken with many patients. We work closely with many practitioners in complementary fields, to provide the best possible services for the general well-being of the patient.”

Metal Free Dentistry

We believe that metals have become obsolete in most areas of dentistry. With the advent of Zirconia ceramic implants, which we immediately embraced, even titanium implants are now mostly avoidable. We do not use metals if we can help it, for many reasons. Judging by their physical characteristics, they are not intended to be inserted into biological systems.  

Mercury Free Dentistry

We do not place silver amalgam fillings and we do respect the overwhelming scientific evidence accumulated over the last two decades, pointing to many alarming facts concerning the unsuitability of amalgams for use in humans. Unless there is a condition which is life-threatening, or severely impacts the condition of a patient, I choose to use natural and homeopathic remedies. The body ascends the health ladder as it recovers from a crisis using a natural and comprehensive approach. I use antibiotics and pain-killers only as a last resort.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

IS a holistic approach. Laser dentistry is an essential tool for any biological dentist, as it minimizes trauma and reduces the risks for root canals. Your health is our number-one priority. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest dental minimal invasive technology in an ever-advancing industry.

Your Health is our No. 1 Priority!

A Holistic Dentist With Cutting Edge Technology

Your health is our number-one priority. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest dental technology in an ever-advancing industry.We also make an effort to “go green” by reducing and eliminating toxic materials and products in dental work and in our office. We are committed to using the most bio-inert and biocompatible products available.

We look forward to working with you and finding which treatments promote a positive response in your oral and overall health. Please contact our team at (585) 624 5480 (Mendon Location) and (585) 436 1640 (Rochester Location) today if you would like more information or need to see our dentist.

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